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This list of superfoods growers and value-adding processors is an on-going 'work in progress' as we find North Queensland businesses, which produce high quality nutritious foods, either organically or with the minimum use of chemicals, for you and your family. 

List of Superfoods - Seeds and Grasses

Chia, sugar, lemon grass, pandan...the list goes on.

Chia seeds are a good place to start.

Chia flowers in my garden, before seeds formedChia flowers, before seeds form

Interested in chia seeds nutrition? Want to find a local grower? Look no further than Superfoods NQ. Ask for them in your speciality health food shops or local supermarket or buy direct from their website.

Why buy imported products when you can have the 'real deal' grown without pesticides or herbicides in a pristine environment, packaged with care and transported a very short distance from the farm?

Chocolate and Honey Nutrition - want to learn about it?

The nutritional value of honey is one of the reasons that people are attracted to it.

Certainly it has health promoting qualities but perhaps its delicious flavour is the reason it is enjoyed by so many. I suspect, also, that the nutritional value of chocolate is secondary to its sublime taste!

Bee gathers pollen from flowerBee gathers pollen

Honey Providore in Cairns sources honey from growers in the Cairns region, where hives may be moved to follow the flowering of beautiful rainforest trees and shrubs.

They offer a variety of local raw honeys for purchase from their website or distributors, as well as bee-keeping equipment so that you may produce your own honey.

Bee fills hexagonal beeswax partitions with honeyBees fills wax structure with honey

Kuranda Honey House stocks a huge variety of honeys.

Having been in operation for over 60 years, they are well placed to give you individual attention as you shop for your favourite honey or bee keeping supplies.

Their honeys include Jellybush or Australian Manuka honey, renowned for its healing properties.

Man holds box of freshly picked cacao pods in cacao plantationFreshly picked cacao pods

Sweet Farm Tours, situated at the entrance to the Whyanbeel Valley, north of Mossman, conducts regular tours of their sugar and cacao plantations.

They also grow vanilla and eucalypts for feeding koalas at nearby Hartleys Creek.

Experience a fascinating tour and take away a special local souvenir from their gift shop.

Cacao pod on treeCacao Pod

Daintree Estates' cocoa plantations spread across a number of privately owned properties in the Mossman/Daintree/Whyanbeel area.

Their high quality, single origin chocolates are locally grown and processed sustainably in small, carefully crafted batches to achieve a distinctively Australian flavour.


Pale yellow vanilla flowerVanilla flower

Broken Nose Vanilla, situated at Mirriwinni, near Innisfail, south of Cairns, grows high quality vanilla beans and products derived from these.

With no preservatives or additives, the resultant pure vanilla essence, paste or powders are perfect for your gourmet creations.

Bunch of green vanilla pods or 'beans' growing on the vineGreen vanilla pods

Vanilla Australia, situated close to the tourist town of Port Douglas, was one of the first plantations in North Queensland to trial this labour intensive, organically grown, commercial crop.

Their products may be purchased at Port Douglas markets.

Vanilla beans developing from the flowerFrom flower to bean

Daintree Vanilla and Spices, located in the Daintree Rainforest in Far North Queensland, was established at about the same time as other small vanilla growing enterprises.

Their experience with this crop probably results from a long family tradition of growing vanilla in  the Seychelles.

Australian Tea and Coffee

Nerada teabag in mug of black tea.A pick-me-up in a mug

Nerada Tea plantation is nestled in the rolling hills inland from Innisfail in North Queensland.

Grown in a pristine environment in the rich soils of the Atherton Tablelands, without the use of pesticides, their teas are deliciously fresh and fragrant.

View of Cubbagudta Tea Plantation north of the Daintree RiverCubbagudta Tea Plantation

The Daintree Tea Company is a family business, based at Cubbagudta Plantation, near Cape Tribulation, north of the Daintree River.

Their pure tea is unblended and grown without the use of pesticides, so has a distinctly attractive aroma and taste.

Milk being poured into coffee in a glassCafe au lait

Jaques Coffee Plantation is situated near Mareeba, in the fertile Atherton Tablelands, inland from Cairns.

They offer tours of the plantation, a welcoming restaurant, open every day - and, of course, a wide choice of their roasted coffees.

Tropical Fruit and Nuts

Green bananas that used to go to wasteGreen bananas

Natural Evolution Foods, situated on a banana plantation at Walkamin on the Atherton Tablelands, specialises in the production of organic healthy foods.

Their inventiveness and hard work has resulted in wonderful products based on the use of resistant starch derived from freshly harvested bananas, sweet potatoes and broccoli.

Bottle of mango wine made from tropical fruitsMango wine

Shannonvale Tropical Fruit Winery is situated in the Shannonvale Valley, a short drive from Port Douglas.

A variety of wines is made on their property from fruit grown there and is available for sampling and purchase by indivduals or groups.

Variety of ice creams made from tropical fruits in seasonTropical fruit icecreams

Daintree Icecream Company will welcome you with a variety of icecreams for you to try. These are made with fruits in season, right there on the premises.

Set in rainforest, 14km north of the Daintree River, the organic fruit orchard is situated in a spectacularly scenic, environmentally sensitive location.

Exotic fruit for tastingExotic tropical fruit

Cape Trib Fruit Farm can be found north of the Daintree River crossing at Cape Tribulation.

As well as being an accommodation business providing en-suite cabins nestled in the rainforest, they operate a  tour of the orchard and exotic fruit tasting experience.

Macadamia nuts harvesting - nuts on the ground waiting to be collectedHarvesting time

Wondaree Macadamia Nuts are grown on a family farm near Tolga on the fertile Atherton Tablelands, inland from Cairns in North Queensland.

Delicious and nutritious, macadamia nuts are indigenous to the rainforests of North Queensland so thrive in their farm setting.

Shoots, Sprouts and Microgreens

These highly nutritious greens are growing hugely in popularity as people enjoy their fresh, crunchy texture and variety of tastes as well as their visual appeal.

Bunch of microgreensMicrogreens ready to eat

Eat Shoots and Leaves is nestled in the Mowbray Valley, a ten minute drive from Port Douglas, gateway to the Great Barrier Reef.

Catch Ange at the Mossman Markets, enjoy her produce at leading Port Douglas restaurants or join her for a class in how to grow microgreens; as a bonus buy organic certified seeds at the same time!

Beetroot microgreens

Super Salads operates from a beach-side location in the northern suburbs of Cairns.

Virginia spends her days tending to her beautiful, tender and fresh greens as they develop within a few days from carefully tended seeds to microgreens. just for you. Some deliveries available by arrangement or from Rustys.

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