Use This List of Spices to Take You on a Culinary (and Healthy!) Adventure.

Images from this list of spices will transport you to the romance of tropical countries, to ancient bazaars of the Middle East, India, South East Asia and Tropical Australia.

Here aromatic flavours from seeds, roots, bark and grasses, which have been dried and either sold whole or ground into powdered, healthy spices can be purchased and used in delicious recipes.

Historically, the bark, leaves, fruit and seeds of various plants were used to improve flavours of food and, in some cases, to preserve it, as well as being used medicinally to improve health.

Precious spices were traded for gold and jewels and were mostly out of the reach of ordinary people until the twelfth century when exotic spices and silks became more readily available with the opening of new trade routes to Europe.

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List of Spices - Seeds or Fruit

vanilla flower and immature green beans




cumin spice seeds










Star Anise


Health benefits of spices

Spices may be purchased fresh or dried, when they may be sold whole or powdered. Their ‘shelf life’ is a little longer if you buy them whole – discard any packets that have lost their pungent aroma (look for date they were packaged when buying).

Spices are generally strong in flavour so only small amounts are needed but they are, in general, high in beneficial nutrients such as antioxidants and minerals. Throughout the ages they have been used to enhance, heal and prolong a healthy life.

The benefits of turmeric, for example, have been the subject of recent studies showing that it may assist digestion and help to prevent heart disease, alzheimers and cancer.
My personal attitude is that if spices taste good, nominating them as potential superfoods is a bonus! 

Rhizomes or bulbs

orange coloured turmeric powder


fresh ginger root



How to use spices

Spices are dissolved either with water or oil based liquids. They take time to be absorbed so are best added early in the preparation of a dish, perhaps by quickly stir-frying with other ingredient such as garlic and onions before meat, vegetables or stock is added.

As we develop recipes based on tropical superfoods we will include the use of selected spices, especially those that we prepare or import for you. You may like to share your ideas too or ask questions via the form, below.

Leaves, bark, flowers

powdered cinnamon


Bay Leaves


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