Wondering How to Eat a Mango with the Most Enjoyment and the Least Mess?

How to eat a mango? That does sound a bit like a trick question but there are certain skills involved in this exercise!

Some people just bite into it but I would advise against this method, partly because the skin doesn’t taste too good but mostly as some people are allergic to the skin and sap that exudes from the stalk.

Others peel the skin and bite into the flesh but that’s pretty messy as is cutting around its circumference when the mango is sitting on its stalk end then twisting the top half off and eating that with a spoon. The remaining skin is cut in sections and peeled before the rest of the flesh is eaten.

For a quick snack, slice off the sides of a mango, cut the flesh but not the skin to make cubes which adhere to the inside of the skin. Turn the mango cheek inside out. Lean over the sink or eat it in the garden as juice will almost certainly run down your arms!

Quick snack!

How to eat a mango

My recommendation on how to slice a mango ready for eating:

  • Wash and dry the mango fruit.
  • Assemble a cutting board and sharp knife.
  • Holding the mango upright with the pointy end to the top, cut off the ‘cheeks’ from each side of the fruit.
  • Dice the ‘cheeks’ by cutting across several times in two directions to make rough, bite sized cubes.
  • With a large spoon, scoop out the diced mango and place in a bowl.
  • Peel the skin from the mango sides, leaving a section of fruit on each side.
  • Make cuts into this flesh and slice it off so that more diced pieces are added to the bowl. Start on the rest of your mangoes if you are preparing fruit for family and friends.

This process leaves the mango seeds almost bare. If wished you can scrape the remaining flesh into another bowl for pureeing for mango leathers or frozen treats. Otherwise the ‘cooks’ are always allowed to treat themselves by finishing off the mango over the kitchen sink!

Now that’s the preparation, all achieved easily with little mess and minimum wastage. As to how to eat a mango, if that really was your question – open your mouth, grab a spoon and off you go!

Mangoes are best eaten fresh and chilled without any embellishments but I have found a delicious way to enhance their flavor, if that is possible. Whip some cream with a tiny dash of sugar and gently fold a little through the mango cubes. Ahhh!

Please see mango images to the right of this page for the stages described.

If you don’t have access to fresh mangoes or for when they are out of season, they may be enjoyed dried or frozen, losing little of their nutrients in the process.

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