Healthy Weight Loss Guide

Looking for a healthy weight loss guide or an easy way to lose weight?

Well, sorry, but nothing much will change unless you decide that you want to become healthier and slimmer. Having made that decision, you then need to take full responsibility for how you achieve this. Out with excuses!

Here's my summary of an easy and healthy weight loss guide

I think that there is an easy way to lose weight once you have truly made the decision to do so.

  • Address any psychological 'baggage' that might be holding you back from becoming strong and healthy. You may have to change long held beliefs about the sort of person you are and find 'the strength within' (it is there!).

Choose fresh foods high in nutrients from those noted in the previous pages. If you are cooking them, choose steaming or boiling/simmering over frying.

  • Eat less (a good trick is to use smaller plates) and more frequently (have a plan for snacking – a few nuts, carrot sticks, avocado slice).

Avoid trans fats and added sugars. Go easy on fruit as all fruits contain fructose, which can be addictive – and very fattening.

  • Set realistic goals. Measure and record your progress weekly and be happy with sustained, steady improvement.

Exercise daily. Walking is probably best but, if you are already fit, you may benefit from more intensive workouts and weight bearing activities (check with your doctor). 

  • Avoid sitting for long – keep on the move. Recent research indicates that prolonged sitting (eg at a desk job or watching television) sets you up for heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Develop a positive attitude to your chosen new lifestyle; remind yourself that you are not being deprived of indulgences but, instead, are enjoying new taste sensations that will make you feel ‘trim, taut and terrific’.

  • Get enough sleep every night (7 to 8 hours straight) as sleep deprivation is a major cause of obesity. Have a few almonds, skim milk, bananas, whole wheat bread or oatmeal an hour or so before bedtime (they contain the magical zzzzz... ingredients of magnesium, serotonin, melatonin and tryptophan).

Unrelenting stress will stack on fat, did you know that? Develop quick strategies to reduce daily stressors (deep breathing, sit in the sun for ten minutes and dream, go for a walk in the park, bush, beach and connect with nature, do some yoga stretches or tai chi moves, chat with a friend, dance around the office...).

  • A handful of frozen berries, a square of dark chocolate or a few of your favourite nuts make great rewards. If you slip up, forgive yourself and keep going on your overall plan!

Good wishes!  Do let us all know how you get on – and draw on support from others negotiating the same journey.

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