The Gabriel Method: How to Lose Weight Without Dieting – Truth or Fiction?

I first heard about the Gabriel Method of losing weight five or six years ago, when Jon Gabriel’s revolutionary book about his own weight loss was first published.

At the time I was only mildly interested and wondered whether all the ‘hype’ surrounding it was justified. Mind you, I had never gone on a ‘diet’ or suffered from the discomfort and ill health that results from being overweight, having always been on the ‘skinny’ side.

My attention was caught, though, by the fact that Jon had sought refuge, from the stresses of living and working in a New York office environment, in the tiny hamlet of Denmark, on the majestic South Coast of Western Australia.

The Research

Having lived in the Denmark area (during a period when I was denying the lure of the North!), I am amazed that Jon could adjust so well to the extreme peace and quiet of his new surroundings after his previous hectic lifestyle.

More recently, I have observed how much Jon seems to enjoy his speaking tours,  workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions. His studies were the vital means to an end – that of spreading his new-found passion by helping people to get their lives back ‘on track’.

Trained as a biochemical researcher and grossly overweight, Jon Gabriel determined to find out why diets didn’t work and what he could do to change his life to one of happiness and health. 

He and his wife decided to move across the globe to this small village, poised between beautiful white sandy beaches, that stretch for miles, and deep karri forests. Here, in the clean, crisp air Jon immersed himself in study and writing.

The Gabriel Method - More than A Weight Loss Plan

Although Jon’s research, during the years spent buried in scientific papers, led him to the realization of the futility of dieting, the real message that emerges in the Gabriel Method is that, in order to lose weight, one must first address whatever it is that is holding one back from leading a joyful and rewarding, healthy life.

I have always felt that those who wanted or needed to lose weight probably had an emotional reason that kept them from doing so. Jon explains it as a need to be safe, which, he says, the body equates with being fat - harking back to a protection against hard times, such as very cold winters with no food, in stone-age times.

Obesity is everywhere you look - in the supermarkets, shopping centres, school playgrounds. This is a relatively new phenomenon that did not exist in my youth (yes, alright, some decades ago). So what has changed? Certainly, packaged foods with their mountains of sugar, trans fats, salt and 'empty' calories are an easy target to blame.

But is there more to it? Is modern life really so stressful that people cope by insulating themselves behind layers of fat that lead to heart disease and diabetes?

Do they then force themselves to deny cravings for certain types of food, usually laden with fats and sugars, as they lurch from one 'diet' to another? Are they perpetually hungry because they are not giving their bodies the nutrients that will lead to good health and strong, active bodies?

Have you ever tried to force yourself to not think about something? Go on, try it; does it work? Do you go through each day thinking about, or trying to not think about, food?

Imagine the relief if you could adopt a 'take it or leave it' approach to food cravings and if your food preferences actually changed as you let go of old habits of thinking and feeling.

According to Jon Gabriel, help is at hand! That he lost over 100kgs and has remained fit and healthy for years must encourage others to learn from his experience and take charge of their lives.

The Gabriel Method morphs into The Gabriel Code.

Sounds exciting, doesn't it? A bit 'cloak and dagger', mysterious and James Bond-ish? Jon has now teamed up with Mindvalley, a marketing team which promotes "ideas, companies, and products that allow human beings to live healthier, happier lives." This arrangement seems to be a good 'fit' for Jon's ideas and must save him time so that he can concentrate on what he does best - connecting with and helping people.

Jon's solutions to weight loss begin with encouraging you to address stresses in your life and to change your mindset so that you want to be fit, healthy and slim.

He wrote the book, 'The Gabriel Method' at the end of his years of research. Here is the first chapter in video form, narrated by Jon - or you can download the text version if you prefer to skim read.

Exactly what is the Gabriel Method or Code?

Various strategies in the form of audios, videos, CDs and easily read texts guide you to relax and explore your attitudes and habits. 

Jon uses the well known technique of guided meditation and evening and morning visualization.

This latter is the really fun part - and highly effective, according to his many devotees!

If you would like to learn more about Jon's research and his methods, his description of the inexpensive transformational package is probably the best place to start. Although it strikes me as being rather 'salesy' it does offer well documented success stories to back up the theories.  The package includes a number of bonuses - such as help for kids wanting to lose weight - and a yummy recipe book.

Even though you may start to think differently about yourself, it seems that weight loss happens quite slowly for a start, but then it accelerates rapidly until you are at the level of fitness and health that you want to maintain.

Should you decide to embark on this exciting journey I hope that you are in for the ride of your life! Do keep in touch and let us know how your life changes.

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