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What food ideas would you like to share? Have you had some wild successes  experimenting with dehydrating vegetables or fruit?

Are you a grower who would like to share some basic principles about how to grow your own superfood in a home garden?

Or can you enlighten us all about the basics of green tea nutrition? 

Pomegranate seeds and various colourful powdered spicesA Colourful Palette

Would you like to tell us which are your favourite spices and why? How do you like to use them? Are you interested in their health benefits as well as their ability to enhance certain recipes?

Can you identify the spices and fruit in the picture?

Perhaps you know a lot about buying and using an espresso coffee pod or how to make a coffee at home using a variety of appliances. Would you like to compare makes of coffee makers and write a review about them?

Or are you a cacao grower who can explain about how chocolate is  made, or a choc-a-holic who can tell us of the pros and cons of various types of this delicious addiction?

Maybe you are a 'gadget gal' or guy, who would enjoy telling us about the kitchen gadgets or appliances that you just couldn't manage without?

Healthy Food Ideas

Are you interested in healthy food nutrition and how tropical fruit, vegetables and other fresh products such as yoghurt, cheese, fish and meats, which are grown in this area, may help improve your family's health?

Because we are an information site about that subject we are always seeking to learn more, so if you have a special interest in growing or using these foods at home or commercially, please let us know.

This food forum is not intended as a promotional outlet for businesses but if you would like  to advertise here, please let us know.

Of course if you do have a business but would still like to share some aspects of production for the interest of our readers, you are very welcome to do so here. It would be great if you also have some photos to show us!

400 words + up to 4 photos

In order to be found by search engines, please make sure that your article is at least 400 words in length. Feel free to use headlines and be sure to edit your article before uploading to eliminate typos etc. 

It would be interesting to hear which topics would interest you to write or read about. Please let us know via the Contact form?

Here are some suggestions:

Health and Nutrition for Kids. How do you ensure that fussy eaters eat nourishing fruit and vegetables? See what Virginia has to say, then add your food ideas.

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