Eat to Lose Weight

Eat to lose weight? How could that be? 

The term ‘superfoods’ was coined in recent decades to describe foods that have exceptionally high nutritional value, whether that is because of their superior properties of protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals, or other health-giving trace elements. In other words, they are nutrient dense in comparison to other foods. 

Foods high in nutrition

By choosing foods with high nutritional value you can improve your health and resistance to disease, build strong bones and muscles and have more energy. By following this healthy way of eating a little miracle will occur – you will not only become fitter and stronger but happier, slimmer and smarter!

Your confidence levels will soar as you find what food best suits you and your family. If you haven’t eaten this way before it will become a new lifestyle, which will become natural for you.

Forget diets. Being restrictive, they are just too stressful - and stress, in itself, is a leading cause of overweight or obesity, as is the lack of proper, regular sleep. Instead, make conscious decisions about the foods that you buy and the way in which you prepare them.

However, you would be wise to reduce animal fats, processed sugars and flours and to eliminate trans (hydrogenated) fats from your regular daily foods. Read labels and choose foods that have not been modified or ‘flavour enhanced’ by the addition of chemicals.

So exactly how can you eat to lose weight?

Which are the best weight loss foods?

You may be interested in working out the exact number of calories in food so that you may control portion sizes. Perhaps that’s not such a bad idea for a start so that you develop an awareness of the calorie comparison between, say, 100 grams of beef, fruit cake, carrots, crackers, potatoes, tomatoes, watermelon, butter, beans and so on.

But even if you do this and choose foods that have fewer calories, how will you know which is the most nutritionally valuable? If you decide to eat to lose weight and become healthy in the process you will want to be able to make an informed choice, based on each food’s nutritional quality.

But I suggest that you don’t obsess about this. In order to eat to lose weight, just get yourself some general knowledge, which might be along the lines of putting fresh vegetables at the top of your list and learning about antioxidants.

Perhaps even play with colours – for example, know the benefits of reds – tomatoes, watermelon, chillies and red peppers. Then there are the greens – broccoli, spinach, kale, cabbage, lettuce and parsley, to pick a few at random. Balance these with the vibrance of orange carrots, pumpkin and pawpaw or the purples of grapes and blueberries…are you having fun? 

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