Coconut Oil Benefits for Health.

Research indicates that coconut oil benefits, if cold pressed, include improved immunity to disease, better digestion, resistance to infections, diabetes and arthritis, improved cardiovascular health and increased metabolism, hence possible weight loss.

Coconut oils used by Tropical Superfoods are carefully sourced and guaranteed to be grown and harvested in a certified virgin organic situation. They are cold pressed and, most importantly, do not use chemicals to extract oil after the physical pressing process is completed.

The oil has a lovely ‘coconutty’ aroma and taste. Beware all types of oils, not only coconut oils, that have been processed with heat and chemicals, which turn them into the dangerous ‘trans-fats’. If an oil has no aroma then almost certainly it has been processed that way.

Although virgin, organic coconut oil is a saturated fat which contains around 50% of a medium chain fatty acid, lauric acid, which is converted by the human body into monolaurins.

Monolaurins, found only in human milk or coconuts, contain anti-oxidants and appear to have anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. So the regular use of coconut oil and other coconut products as dietary preventatives of disease appears to be a positive health choice.

Halved coconut minus the husk, showing the shell and white fleshFresh coconut de-husked and split showing its delicious white flesh

When cold pressed, coconut oil contains no trans-fats and also has a high ‘smoking point’ so is very suitable for frying as well as for being used in baking (delicious!). Apparently the oil also improves our ability to absorb minerals such as calcium and magnesium from our food.

When used regularly and in conjunction with normal dental hygiene it can reduce the incidence of tooth decay

Other coconut oil benefits - apart from dietary ones

Other benefits of coconut oil include its use on the skin as a moisturizer (I read the other day that it is the new ‘Botox’ but have been unable to prove that on myself yet! Maybe I should take some 'before' and 'after' photos) or for healing cuts and bruises and treating fungal skin infections. It does feel soothing and pleasant and, as it appears that we absorb substances placed on the skin, at least it will be doing some good compared with chemical based skin products.

I decant a small amount of oil into an empty moisturiser jar and use a little night and morning. If it is in a solid state I hold it in the palm of one hand until it warms, then rub my hands together, including the backs then apply to my face, arms, legs - anything!

Children like to use it for dry lips - and they enjoy the taste and smell!

It is well known as a hair conditioner and is used by many mothers for the treatment and eradication of head lice from their children’s hair.

Other coconut oil benefits extend to its use in pets’ diets or for their grooming.

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