Benefits of Chia Seeds

The benefits of chia seeds mostly relate to their 'superfood' status, earned through being packed with high quality, varied nutrients, such as high quality protein, omega 3 fats, minerals and fibre.

The density of nutrients depends, as you would expect, on how the crop has been grown, the quality of seed used and how suitable are the climate and soil.

Chia seeds crop at Walkamin Atherton TablelandsChia seeds crop, Australian Superfoods NQ, Atherton Tablelands

Chia seeds nutrition

The list of chia seeds nutrition is impressive and makes it understandable why many think of it as a 'superfood'.

But not all chia seeds are equal.

Do you know how imported chia seeds have been grown? Are they genetically modified? Have they been sprayed with toxic chemicals to combat insects and weeds? Even if they are labelled 'organic', how rigorous is the country of origin's oversight of that claim?

In other words, even if the crop has been grown in conditions that maximise its nutritional value, how do you know what else you are ingesting along with beneficial nutrients?

I suspect that your answer may be that you don't.

Ripe chia seeds ready to harvestAustralian Superfoods NQ chia seeds ready to harvest

Australian Superfoods, North Queensland

Well experienced in growing the best crops possible in the 'tropical food bowl' of the Atherton Tablelands region of North Queensland, Australia, Australian Superfods NQ's owners, Dennis and Maryann Salvetti, developed their chia seeds crops to align with 'best practice' food production.

The volcanic soils of this ancient region, combined with the high summer rainfall and cool winters provide near perfect conditions for the growth of this special food crop. 

Add to those favourable factors the very stringent requirements of Australian Government regulations for food purity and you will be confident that you have found the best!

Harvesting chia seeds, Atherton TablelandsHarvesting Chia Seeds at Australian Superfoods NQ on the Atherton Tableland

More benefits of chia seeds

Benefits mostly relate to the antioxidants, proteins, minerals and fibre packed into each little black or white seed.

But, as I am sure you will agree, these benefits are largely negated if you also ingest toxic herbicides and pesticides, dust and other matter collected during dubious manufacture and packaging processes.

Australia has very strict food compliance laws and growers and manufacturers are subject to regular testing, so that gives me confidence to buy Made in Australia.

See what Tropical Superfoods NQ has to say about heath benefits of their seeds.

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