The science of anti angiogenesis holds hope for cancer prevention.

I first heard of the science of anti angiogenesis to prevent or combat cancer a year or so ago when I watched the TED video, below.

It just makes so much sense and gives real hope that we may be able to arrest the growth of this feared disease.

It's not only cancer that can be prevented by the use of anti-angiogenesis foods  but almost any disease that you care to name.

On the positive side, there are specific foods that stimulate the formation of blood vessels to help our microbiome and immune systems as well as protecting our DNA (angiogenesis), so it's a delicate balancing act and one worth learning about.

'Anti aging' vitamins purport to help but it would seem to be more effective if they are consumed in real food.

That phrase, 'real food' seems to be the catch-cry for those scientists who are searching for better health for our populations. "Just eat food, real food" they say.

That means to eat food as close to its origin as possible - straight from the farm, if you can, and avoid manufactured goods.

If you are looking for an anti aging secret or two (and who isn't?) check out some simple suggestions here.

What is angiogenesis? And anti angiogenesis?

Angiogenesis is the process of building blood vessels throughout the body. This process is absolutely vital for our ability to function and a nutritious diet helps us to achieve that with ease.

The term 'anti angiogenesis' describes the reverse of that process, slowing or halting the growth of out-of-control blood vessels, formed around tiny specks of cancer, which allow these cancer cells, which would otherwise die, to proliferate.

Out-of-control doesn't sound like a good situation for you. So do your level best to prevent it!

Here Dr Vincent Li from the Angiogenesis Foundation discusses simple but amazingly effective DIY health strategies that we can all implement.

Below, Dr Wiliam Li interviewed in 2018 on the subject of cancer prevention and cure:

You might also like to investigate this organisation to keep up to date with new findings.

...and NOW, in April 2019, Dr Li has released his new book, Eat to Beat Disease. This broadens the discussion and findings to specific foods which help to combat or prevent disease. Don't miss it!

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