Anti Aging Diet Revealed!

Change your life with this anti aging diet, brought to you by leading health practitioners.

Their anti aging advice is surprisingly simple.

As you probably suspect, the role of nutritious food in helping to build strong bones, muscles, hearts and brains, along with regular exercise of specific types, is central to their agreed strategies for healthy aging.

After all, who wants to live longer if those extra years are spent in illness and pain?

Foods and activities that improve cognitive function will have you alert and informed well into old age. But, as well as an emphasis on challenging your brain to perform tasks of cognition and memory, it is recognised that your creative ability is of equal importance.

See what they have to say, then check some ideas underneath the video.

But is this anti aging diet so secret, after all?

On reflection, after watching the video, above, I am beginning to think that these 'secrets' are not some hidden strategies or knowledge but readily available health advice for everyone.

So when does one start to implement anti aging diet strategies? It seems to me that a recipe for a healthy lifestyle, hence a more vibrant and satisfying life, could start at any age.

It used to be said that 'life begins at forty' so if you have left it this long to enjoy a happy and active life, take heart, today could be the turning point - the first day of the new you!

Here's my summary of the experts' anti aging diet secrets - plus a few observations of my own!

  • Sleep: You need 7 - 8 hours of peaceful, uninterrupted, restorative sleep every night. Wind down, dim the lights, turn off TV and computer, have a warm shower.
  • Exercise: Exercise your body, mind and soul through walking, tai chi, yoga, meditation and any other activity that you find enjoyable. Learn challenging new practical and intellectual skills. Grow your soul with gardening or other creative pursuits such as crafts or music. Move!
  • Nutrition: Is there such a thing as anti aging foods? Well, yes. For a start, choose colourful and fresh vegetables and fruit, being mindful of their antioxidant and mineral content. Add a small amount of protein (from vegetable or animal sources) and a dash of fats (eg cold pressed olive, avocado oil, coconut oil or butter from grass fed cows). Balance and moderation is the key. Be aware of the amazing benefits of spices such as ginger, garlic and turmeric.

  • Social: We are sociable beings and interaction with family and friends can only benefit us all. A smile and a helping hand - or just having fun with others is great for your health - play as you've never played for years!

    As George Bernard Shaw said, "We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing"!

  • Stress Reduction: Use meditation, deep breathing, self hypnosis. Enjoy life - have fun!

How many colours can you combine?


Surely there's something that we must avoid?

Of course it's best to concentrate on the positives so  there's no way that the 'baddies' can creep in and spoil all your efforts.

But be aware of them.

Too much sitting: It has been proven that sitting for long periods at office desks or watching television leads to ill health. Move, baby!

Sugar: Avoid when possible. That means saying "No, thanks" to sugar in your tea/coffee, to honey, to most cakes, jams and many sauces (read labels and be on the lookout for crafty marketing which disguises sugar by another name). 'Soft' drinks and fruit juices are loaded with sugar - and artificial sweeteners are equally bad for you. Choose refreshing iced water with a dash of lemon instead, green tea or 'golden milk'.

Trans fats: AKA 'vegetable oil' (from which vegetable could we cold press oil, I wonder?) is really deadly for your arteries and heart health. Avoid like the plague!

Most packaged 'food': Did you know that, for decades, food manufacturing companies have employed scientists to develop a mix of chemicals that appeal to our taste buds? They are often also addictive and loaded with trans fats and sugar (both also very fattening). Stick to 'real' food.

Do you agree with the principles of this anti aging diet? Perhaps you would like to share your own experiences or that of your family 'elders'?

What's your best anti aging secret?

Please share in the comments section, below.

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