Your Healthy Nutritional Guide to Tropical Superfoods and Spices.

Tropical Superfoods, your healthy nutritional guide, is mostly an information site about the wonderful freshly grown foods of Far North Queensland, where we live.

The idea of sourcing delicious and healthy tropical fruit and nuts, rainforest foods and spices for you to enjoy, slowly developed as we experimented with using some of the more unusual fruits, seeds and rhizomes of the region.

Having lived in Cairns and Port Douglas for the past twenty years, we have had ample opportunity to enjoy freshly picked produce from organic farms and plantations on the fertile Atherton Tablelands or the lush coastal strip from Daintree to Mission Beach and the mountains beyond.

Enjoy tropical superfoods, the health benefits of spices, chia seeds and various rainforest foods as you explore new taste sensations from the Australian tropics.

red and juicy dragon fruit, ready to eatRed dragon fruit ready to eat

Coconut oil benefits, chia seeds, tropical nuts...

But now our research has taken us a step further as we find out more about, for example, coconut oil benefits, the nutritional value of chia seeds, health benefits of nuts (Australian nuts?) and even how to choose foods for weight loss!

The information on this site is general only and should never replace the advice of your health professional. We advocate a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and a variety of natural foods, particularly fresh fruit, nuts and vegetables in season along with selected tropical spices. Enjoy the adventure!

We would be delighted to hear from you about the tropical superfoods and spices that you would like us to find for you – Australian dukkah? grated turmeric root? coconut cookies? curry spices? coffee and tea from the mountains? North Queensland chocolate?

Please contact us with your queries, suggestions and comments.

young tender and crisp ginger grows from old rootsYoung and tender fresh ginger growing from old roots

Healthy nutritional guide - so many wonderful choices!

By choosing ethical, reliable and efficient partners as suppliers of food products, packaging, transport, design and financial services as well as wholesalers and retailers we aim to bring customers the best products possible as we grow the business steadily.

Please contact us if you would like to be one of our partners in the supply or distribution of high quality, healthy tropical foods, spices, dried fruit, nuts, seeds or other exotic produce.

Virginia and Jill … for the spice in your life.


Jonssons Farm Market - 31 Johnson Street Stratford (just off Captain Cook Highway, north of Aeroglen in Cairns) 07 4058 9000

Rusty's Markets - 57-89 Grafton St, Cairns City (look for Real Food and Olive Tree).

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red cashew fruit, the nut growing at the base of the fruitRed cashew fruit

green coffee fruit. the seed insideGreen coffee fruit/seed/bean

ground chilli powder and black pepper spice

bright green turmeric leaf

glossy red tomatoes

sliced mango, the stone showing beneath the fleshA slice of ripe mango

red chillis growingHot red chilli ready for picking

mangosteen fruit showing white flesh and orange rind

green vanilla flower and budsVanilla orchid

bright red strawberry with green leaf and stem

purple tropical fruit

orange coloured turmeric rootsTurmeric roots and leaf

rosella, or wild hibiscus fruitRosella /wild hibiscus fruit